Hybrid Weigh in Motion, Slow Speed Weigh in Motion, WIM

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Hybrid Weigh in Motion

hybrid weigh-in-motion wim

slow speed weigh-in-motion wim

Hybrid Weigh in Motion

Hybrid Weigh-in-Motion or Hybrid WIM system can accurately weigh vehicles at speeds upto 25 km/h. These systems are accurate, robust for high volumes. Hybrid Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) solutions are cost effective means of measuring truck axle and gross weights without affecting the flow of traffic. These scales are routinely used in commercial weight enforcement to enforce trucks entering a weight station/ toll gate.

Technical Specifications:
Product Hybrid Weigh-in-Motion System
Type Low Profile Modular Hybrid Type WIM
Capacity 20/30 T
Size 0.7m x 3m
Structure Retrofit Modular Design, Relocatable
Structure Material Standards MS in accordance to the BIS 2062 specifications
Structure Design Standards STADD Pro III Tested for 150% safe overloading
Structure Safe Overload 150% of the GVW Gross Weight
Load Cells Stainless Steel Fully Welded Type IP68, OIML, NTEP
Type and Capacity Super Beam type 10T - 6 nos. Load Cells
Ultimate Overload Rating 300%
Mounting Assembly Mild Steel Plated
Lightning Protection Surge Voltage Built In
Indicator PLC Microcontroller Based LED Display with Weather Protection
Junction Box In accordance to IP65 (for A2D conversion)
Connectivity Via USB/Ethernet / RS 232-RS 485
Standard Approvals Govt of India
Accuracy Static Mode - 0.5%, Dynamic Mode + 3% with speed up to 25 Km/h
Software Date, Time, Lane ID, Vehicle Count, Axle Weight, GVW, Class of Vehicle, Overloaded Vehicles
Vehicle Differentiator Vehicle data entry display at WIM Controller
Loop Detector Auxiliary equipment for vehicle separation.