Bending Plate Weigh in Motion, Medium Speed Weigh in Motion, WIM

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Bending Plate Weigh in Motion

bending plate strain gauge Weigh-in-Motion

bending plate medium speed Weigh-in-Motion mswim

Bending Plate Weigh in Motion

Bending Plate Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) System can accurately weigh vehicles at speeds upto 60 km/h. These systems utilize plates with strain gauges bonded to the underside. The system records the strain measured by strain gauges and calculates the dynamic load.

This state-of-art Medium Speed Weigh-in-Motion (MSWIM) system is ideal for dynamic vehicle weighing suitable for Indian Toll Plaza scenario wherein stop & go & free-flow traffic conditions persist. Bending Plate WIM (MSWIM) is a proven technology which is highly reliable, and its durable & ultra slim profile is easier to install with minimal civil work required at the road surface.

This Medium Speed WIM (MSWIM) system has a unique functionality of generating Axle Count, Axle Weight, Axle Speed, Vehicle Weight, Tire count, Vehicles Height and width as a single system without any dependency on Toll Plaza or similar alibi technologies.

  • Intelligent Sensor Weigh-in-Motion
  • Speed Up to 60 km/h
  • Accuracy Class 5 OIML
  • 6 Hours Installation
  • Minimal Civil Installation
  • No Speed Breakers
  • Minimal Lane Closures
  • Preventive Maintenance - 30 Minutes
  • Most Economical replacement
  • No Mechanical Wears & Tears
  • Optional Alibi - Vehicle Height, Width, Tyre Counter
Technical Specifications:
Structure Plate – MS Duly carbon steel with vulcanized rubber certified for structural analysis and design (STADD) – III complying BIS 2062
Stationary Accuracy = 0.1% FSR
In-Motion Accuracy ±5% OIML Accuracy Class – 5 FSR up to speed 50 km/h
Maximum Passing Speed 60 Km/h
Overload Capacity of the Platform 150% or rated capacity
Protection Class IP 68 Operational Temp -10 to +65° C
Vehicle Separator IR based curtain with minimum 24 sensors housed in Stainless steel pillars with proper scaling
Controller Housing Water/Weather proof with anti-rust coating, IP-65 rated
Approval/Certification Weights and Measure Approved Model, duly stamped & sealed by W&M department, BIS & OIML certified
Design IIT Structure Approved, CRRI Approved
Re-calibration/ Stamping & Verification Every 12 (twelve) months
Functionality Can work independently without any dependency on Toll System