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Static Weighbridge

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Static Weighbridge

The digital Weighbridge shall comprise of a mechanical platform structure resting freely on Four/Six/Eight/Ten Load Cells. The Weighbridge would be PIT/PITLESS type i.e. at/above the ground level & Can be Extendable up to 24 mt. to the Desired Proportional Capacity 200 mt.

Specifications for Weighbridge Universal Type i.e. same weighbridge can be accommodated Pit/Pit less
Type of Weighbridge Static fully Electronic Modular-Bolted Retrofit expandable multi deck Universal Design.
Approval Only Indian company to have department of W&M Govt. of India Model approval up to 200 MT
Type of Platform Modular Cubical sections to enable future expansion and relocation
Structural Standard In accordance to IS 2062/2082 Tested: STAAD III PRO
Side Forces Elimination Special Lateral and Longitudinal Tie-rod Assembly arrangement
Safety 100% overload capacity ultimate overload 200%
Finishing Epoxy paint with undercoated primer oxide
Loadcell Rated Output 2MV/V
Loadcell type and material standard protection Stainless Steel 17-4 PH (1.458) in accordance to DIN 40.050 IP 68
Safe Load Limit 200%
Ultimate Overload 300%
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +80°C
Junction Box Protection Class IP 65
Junction Box Glands for cable entry Double Compression type
Indicator Stainless steel table top housing with CE approval MATRIX-9000
Indicator temperature range -10 to +50° C
Indicator Interfaces 2 nos. RS232, 1 nos. RS485, USB direct interface
Power Supply 220/240V AC, -10% to +15%
Calibration Front panel calibration
Software Matrix 9000 standard software with MS-SQL Server/MS-Access database support.

Visco India Competitive Technological Advantage:
+ First Indian Company to obtain the model approval weighbridges up to 200 MT from the Department of Legal Metrology, Govt of India
+ First Indian Company having crossed and Installation base of 6000+ WEIGHBRIDGE Largest Infra Clientele
+ First Indian company to supply the longest Weighbridge 24 X 3M 200 MT
+ Structural Design in accordance to STRAAD PRO III AND IRC 3
+ Structural specification in accordance to BIS 2062 / 2082
+ FLINTEC AG LOADCELLS RC3 surpasses worldwide approvals and specifications including CE, EX, OIML, NTEP, PTB, FM SELF ALIGNING PRICIPLE
+ Lowest Cost of Ownership ROI
+ Dedicated Customer line support
+ Impact protection System / Kinetic
+ Remarkable strength: weight Ratio
+ Best design aesthetics in the Industry
+ Complete Non-Shrinking Grouting parts
+ Customised off Road Weighing systems
+ Modular Design can be retrofitted, upgraded and fully expandable
+ Customised Software Matrix for Integration with Client Inventory Systems
+ Specialised Foundations without RCC walls saving 50% Foundation costs for the customer